The activities

The EMSC gathers and disseminates rapid information on earthquakes and their effects. Information is contributed by seismological agencies in the Euro-Med region and around the world, by citizen observers providing eyewitness-observations, and also derived from analysis of twitter data. The EMSC ‘LastQuake’ app, as well as the desktop and mobile websites, are the main dissemination tools for the general public, whereas information for scientists is provided through openly accessible interfaces and web services.

The EMSC actively engages in European and international projects that support its activities and regularly presents them in scientific journals, conferences, and media appearances.

As part of EPOS and member of the EPOS Seismology Consortium, EMSC engages in the European level coordination of seismological data and product services. Wherever possible, EMSC services are integrated in the EPOS data platform.

Recognized among the world-leading scientific centres in the areas of Earth and Climate sciences, the EMSC is also a partner in ARISTOTLE, where it contributes to the emergency assessment by providing advice and operational services for disaster risk and earthquake hazard.

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Latest publications

Prebunking earthquake predictions on social media
Laure Fallou, Rémy Bossu and Jean-Marc Cheny
Front. Commun., 19 June 2024 Sec. Disaster Communications - Volume 9 (2024)
The Potential of Crowdsourced Data for the Rapid Impact Assessment of Large Earthquakes
Rémy Bossu, Maren Böse, Robert Steed, David J. Wald
Seismological Research Letters, 12 April 2024 (2024)
History and activities of the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre
Rémy Bossu, Florian Haslinger, Hélène Hébert
Seismica V3, January 2024 (2024)
Landslide detection in real-time social media image streams
Ferda Ofli, Muhammad Imran, Umair Qazi, Julien Roch, Catherine Pennington, Vanessa Banks & Remy Bossu
Neural Computing and Applications, 24 May 2023 (2023)
A social bot in support of crisis communication: 10-years of @LastQuake experience on Twitter.
Rémy Bossu, Marina Corradini, Jean-Marc Cheny and Laure Fallou
Front. Commun., 23 March 2023 Sec. Disaster Communications - Volume 8 (2023)
Utilization of Crowdsourced Felt Reports to Distinguish High-Impact from Low-Impact Earthquakes Globally within Minutes of an Event
Henning Lilienkamp, Rémy Bossu, Fabrice Cotton, Francesco Finazzi, Matthieu Landès, Graeme Weatherill, Sebastian von Specht
The Seismic Record - 3 (1): 29–36 (2023)
La sismologie citoyenne, un révélateur des crises en Haïti. (Citizen Seismology, a Key Indicator of Crises in Haiti)
Corbet A, Fallou L, Calixte N., Hurbon L. et Calais E.
Études caribéennes, no 52, Le dilemme d'Haïti : d'une crise à l'autre ? (2022)
From a Seismological Network to a Socio-Seismological One: A Citizen Science Experiment in Haïti to Reduce Seismic Risk: Analysis of a "Small Box" that Can Do a Lot.
Corbet A., Fallou L., Calixte N., Hurbon L. and Calais E.
Citizen Science: Theory and Practice, 8(1): 2, pp. 1–11 (2023)
Preventing and debunking earthquake misinformation: Insights into EMSC’s practices.
Laure Fallou, Marina Corradini, Rémy Bossu and Jean-Marc Cheny
Front. Commun., 22 December 2022 - Sec. Disaster Communications (2022)
Fighting misinformation in seismology: Expert opinion on earthquake facts vs. fiction .
Sarah Dryhurst, Femke Mulder, Irina Dallo, John R. Kerr, Sara K. McBride, Laure Fallou and Julia S. Becker
Front. Earth Sci., 16 December 2022 - Sec. Geoscience and Society (2022)
A Probabilistic Framework for Modeling the Detection Capability of Smartphone Networks in Earthquake Early Warning.
Finazzi, Bondár, Bossu, Steed
Seismological Research Letters (2022)
How to Fight Earthquake Misinformation: A Communication Guide.
Fallou, Marti, Dallo, Corradini
Seismological Research Letters (2022)
Coordinated and Interoperable Seismological Data and Product Services in Europe: the EPOS Thematic Core Service for Seismology.
Haslinger, Basili, Bossu, Cauzzi, Cotton, Crowley, Custodio, Danciu, Locati, Michelini, Molinari, Ottemöller, Parolai
Ann. Geophys. (2022)
Intensity-Based Sentiment and Topic Analysis. The Case of the 2020 Aegean Earthquake.
Contreras, Wilkinson, Didem Aktas, Fallou, Bossu, Landès
Front. Built Environ. (2022)
Efficacy and Usefulness of an Independent Public Earthquake Early Warning System: A Case Study - The Earthquake Network Initiative in Peru.
Fallou, Finazzi, Bossu
Seismological Research Letters (2022)
Shaking in 5 Seconds!—Performance and User Appreciation Assessment of the Earthquake Network Smartphone Based Public Earthquake Early Warning System.
Bossu, Finazzi, Steed, Fallou, Bondár
Seismological Research Letters (2021)
When Punjab Cried Wolf: How a Rumor Triggered an 'Earthquake' in India.
Martin, Bossu, Steed, Landès, Srinagesh, Srinivas, Hough
Seismological Society of America, 92(6), 3887-3898 (2021)
Evaluation of macroseismic intensity, strong ground motion pattern and fault model of the 19 July 2019 Mw5.1 earthquake west of Athens.
Kouskouna, Ganas, Kleanthi, Kassaras, Sakellariou, Sakkas, Valkaniotis, Manousou, Bozionelos, Tsironi, Karamitros, Tavoularis, Papaioannou, Bossu
J Seismol 25, 747 - 769 (2019)
Near Real-Time Earthquake Line-Source Models Derived from Felt Reports.
Böse, Julien-Laferrière, Bossu, Massin
Seismological Research Letters XX, 1 - 18 (2021)
Citizen Seismology Without Seismologists? Lessons Learned From Mayotte Leading to Improved Collaboration.
Fallou, Bossu, Landès, Roch, Roussel, Steed, Julien-Laferrière
Frontiers in Earth Science (2020)
The Power of Citizen Seismology: Science and Social Impacts.
Chen, Bossu, Liang
Frontiers in Earth Science, 547 (2020)
A socio-seismology experiment in Haiti.
Calais, Boisson, Symithe, Prépetit, Pierre, Ulyse, et al.
Frontiers in Earth Science, 426 (2020)
Rapid Public Information and Situational Awareness after the Nov. 26, 2019 Albania Earthquake: Lessons Learnt from the LastQuake System.
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Accurate Locations of Felt Earthquakes Using Crowdsource Detections.
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Rapid collaborative knowledge building via Twitter after significant geohazard events.
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Monitoring Haiti's Quakes with Raspberry Shake.
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Crowdsourcing triggers rapid, reliable earthquake locations.
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Truth, trust, and civic duty: Cultural factors in citizens perceptions of mobile phone apps and social media in disasters.
Appleby, Brockdorff, Fallou, Bossu
Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, Oct. 2019, pp. 1-13 (2019)
Resilience for whom? The general public's tolerance levels as CI resilience criteria.
Petersen, Lundin, Fallou, Sjöström, Lange, Teixeira, Bonavita
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App Earthquake Detection and Automatic Mapping of Felt Area.
Bossu, Steed, Roussel, Landès, Fuenzalida, Matrullo, Dupont, Roch, Fallou
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Engaging citizen seismologists worldwide.
Khan, Denton, Stevenson, Bossu
Astronomy & Geophysics, Volume 59, Issue 4, August 2018, Pages 4.15-4.18 (2018)
Estimating the Ground Motion Distribution of the 2016 Mw 6.2 Amatrice, Italy, Earthquake Using Remote Infrasound Observations. (PDF)
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LastQuake: From Rapid Information to Global Seismic Risk Reduction.
Bossu, Roussel, Fallou, Landès, Steed, Mazet-Roux, et al.
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Felt Reports for Rapid Mapping of Global Earthquake Damage: The Doughnut Effect?
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LastQuake, un système d'information multicanal pour la réduction du risque sismique global.
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Towards A Unified Near-Field Intensity Map of the 2015 Gorkha, Nepal, Earthquake.
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Thumbnail based questionnaires for the rapid and efficient collection of macroseismic data from global earthquakes.
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A comparison of observed and predicted ground motions from the 2015 MW7. 8 Gorkha, Nepal, earthquake.
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Automatic Clustering of Macroseismic Intensity Data Points from Internet Questionnaires: Efficiency of the Partitioning around Medoids (PAM).
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The importance of smartphones as public earthquake-information tools and tools for the rapid engagement with Eyewitnesses: A case study of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake sequence.
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Characterization of the 2011 Mineral, Virginia, Earthquake Effects and Epicenter from Website Traffic Analysis.
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Improving the Mediterranean seismicity picture thanks to international collaborations.
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in press in JPCE (2013)
An operational authoritative location scheme.
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Flash sourcing, or rapid detection and characterization of earthquake effects through website traffic analysis.
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On the use of the Internet to collect earthquake information.
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Real-time earthquake monitoring for tsunami warning in the Indian Ocean and beyond.
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Ten years of seismicity in the Euro-Mediterranean region: Panorama of the EMSC bulletin 1998-2007. (PDF)
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